MDRG provides OEM & Private Label music products as well as the sale & distribution of proprietary brands worldwide in partnership with Mingde Musik Ltd. Our services include design, manufacturing, packaging, consolidation and distribution.

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Serving wholesale music dealers since 2006.

Welcome to Music Dealers Resource Group, LLC

Since 1997 Mingde Musik Ltd (Foshan China) began providing OEM and Private Label musical instrument and accessory products on a worldwide basis. In 2006, Music Dealers Resource Group LLC, USA (MDRG) was established as the exclusive representative of MD, Corbin, Travel Sonic, Lulani, Reborn brands as well as other Mingde Music products in the USA and additional territories.

Today Music Dealers Resource Group (MDRG) and Mingde Musik LTD provides the music industry with a Global Partnership offering product solutions for the musical instrument resellers and distributors worldwide.

Special Thanks to Our Dealers

Special Thanks to Our Dealers

Guitar in 5

The “Play in 5” is so fun and easy that it does not require anything except the willingness to participate, learning the simple technique and having access to an “in-tune” instrument.

Learn More Visit Guitar-in-5

Corbin International

We are currently looking for a select group of dealers to represent our premium line of Corbin International Guitars…please contact us for more information.

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