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About Play in 5

This was the most fun I have ever had working a USA NAMM Show and I go back to the late 1970’s Chicago Shows. “No way, can’t be done, has to be a gimmick”… so many people stood in front of our booth with the look of scorn, disbelief or just that “please don’t bother me with what you’re selling” look on their face. In the end, those same people that were curious enough to ask what we were doing became our biggest fans and brought their friends back to see what so many people told us; that this was the best thing at the show… And it was FREE and it worked.

First let me share with you what “Play In 5? is and is not:

Play In 5 is a fun and effective way to show anyone that they really do have the ability to play a musical instrument.

Play In 5 offers instant gratification– 5 minutes and you can play over 100 songs or even write your own songs.

Play In 5 is a great way to “set the hook” so we can pass on the joy of playing a musical instrument for a lifetime and as a by-product everyone gains new opportunities.

Play In 5 is fun and easy as well as being a win-win for the new player, the store owner, the teaching studio, the manufacturer, the distributor and our industry in general.

What Play in 5 is not.

It is not difficult to learn and share. Sharing Play In 5 is the best part of the program. Once someone learns this very simple technique they too can show their friends and they too can pass it on… I think the word today is “viral”.

We invite you to visit our dedicated Guitar in 5 Web site ( )

Play in 5 is not a gimmick. It requires no accessory item(s) or special tunings.

The “Play in 5” is so fun and easy that it does not require anything except the willingness to participate, learning the simple technique and having access to an “in-tune” instrument.

Benefit of Play in 5

After 5 minutes you will not be the next guitar hero. But you will have the knowledge and ability to play hundreds of songs, write your own tunes (remember to send me part of your royalty check) and simply entertain yourself for a lifetime with no software upgrades, batteries or wifi required. Imagine that!

As an industry (retail store, manufacturer, distributor, or performing artist) we simply need more people interested in learning how to play a musical instrument. It does not matter what the brand is or what the style of the instrument is. We just need to do our part to spread the JOY OF PLAYING MUSIC to keep our industry alive and well.

We can build the best guitars, manufacture the greatest set of strings, offer the best price points and have the most unique shape or eye catching styles and be endorsed by the hottest players, but if no one is interested or people feel that playing an instrument is too difficult, too time consuming or too expensive then it simply does not matter.

In today’s world everyone expects instant gratification. We can open our tablet or smart phone and strum on it, play drums on it, play piano on it, all without any real musical knowledge or the joy of playing a real musical instrument.

The Play in 5 program came about over years of teaching and working the sales floor in stores, trade shows and doing clinics in the USA and Asia.

This very simple to learn technique can be applied to guitar, uke, mandolin, piano and even drums.

Play in 5/ Certified in 5 only requires a willingness to spend a short time to learn the technique and follow the format that has been developed. It simply works because it is genuine, intuitive and simple.

Play in 5 can provide to you a NON BRANDED Poster to be displayed in your store, on your web site, on a stand in front of your store or on a sticker shipped with your product. The goal is to invite ANYONE to Learn to Play *Guitar in 5 minutes – Right Here, Right Now. People can’t refuse the challenge and they soon discover the joy of playing a musical instrument.

We invite you to visit our dedicated Guitar in 5 Web site ( )

You and your staff (teachers, reps, and salespeople) should all learn, practice and share this simple technique.

Then become Certified in 5 by taking our FREE on line quiz that will assure us that you understand how to use Play in 5 so it is successful for all concerned.

Upon completion you will receive a “Certified In 5” certificate to display in your store along with our NON BRANDED Play in 5 Poster for you to display in your store window or counter. Our Play in 5 Poster is guaranteed to draw attention.

Play in 5 is not selling any product. No books, no videos no hidden agenda. It is a FREE Music Industry Public Service program and we are asking all manufactures, store owners, teachers and players world-wide to participate in this effort

For more information or to become involved in the Play in 5/Certified In 5 program contact:

John Broermann / aka Johnny Corbin
C/O Music Dealers Resource Group LLC