Our Fall product will be arriving shorty at our Cincinnati, Ohio warehouse. We will have 2 containers of goods consisting of Corbin acoustic guitars, Travel Sonic stands, bags and cases as well as a small shipment of our new Corbin International 2015 acoustic models.

Based on pre-season sales orders currently in house and orders recently fulfilled with the arrival of our case and bag container we anticipate a brisk selling season.

As a service to our customers we do need to make known that we will NOT have CG12 Half Size models or our CVG34  34″ acoustic steel string available this season. Our factory was behind on the production of these two models and we simply could not wait for them to be completed. There is already ocean port congestion and to delay our shipments for these two models would have put at risk the timely arrival of many other products. For this we do apologize.

New models: We have had many requests to supply our CVG39 steel string models in the same color formats as our very popular CVG36 3/4 size steel string. You asked and we listened… CVG39 models will be available in colors.

Corbin International Models: We have a small batch of our new 2015 Solid top acoustic and acoustic electrics arriving late October. These will go quickly.

Electrics: We simply underestimated our Summer sales. Frankly electric guitars had been very slow world wide. Starting in June we saw a very serious and positive uptick in electric guitar sales.. that is great news.. except we now find ourselves with several models in very short supply. So order early.. we will run out of some popular models and colors

CVG92 Series was another Summer surprise. We will receive a shipment of CVG02CE models but we anticipate these will be sold out by late November.

CVG9212CET  This was a total surprise. Our Corbin 12 String with built in tuner and active EQ with hi z and low z output- with cutaway. At the time of our fall order window we had a large quantity of these on hand… we are now in a Stock Out situation. We do have a limited number of the CVG9212   12 String Dreadnought in stock.

New Keyboard Throne: We will reintroduce our KBT255 Keyboard throne. This new model is built to accommodate more weight.

Private Label guitar bags and polish cloths: Thsi fall we will offer a silk screen service to logo our Travel Sonic (limitations apply) bags as well as providing micro fiber polish cloths that can also have your logo applied. Please watch for further updates

Guitar In 5…. simply got out of control… That is a great thing, but many of you are still waiting on certificates and posters. We really did not forget about you but we have been backed up in getting these to you. Thank you for your patience and we will clear this backlog up as time permits.

Wishing everyone a productive and healthy 4th Quarter.