Opportunity is based on how you view things. You can chose to be negative and think the sky is falling, or you can see changes as an untapped opportunity.

For those of you that have been active in the MI industry for 10 years or more you have most likely witnessed changes that you could not have imagined even a few short years ago.

From our view we have seen companies that we admired and highly respected be absorbed by larger companies only to be absorbed again by even larger companies. We are now seeing brands that we all grew up with under new ownership..some will be reinvented to be even better than before while others will fade into the history of the MI business only to be found on the back pages of Music Trades at some point.

Mingde Musik LTD was started in 1997 and we are still reinventing ourselves. Music Dealers Resource Group LLC will soon be reaching its 10th Year in business. We owe all of it to our customers and their continued support.

2015 will see several new projects put into action. New packaging for accessory goods allowing for more efficient shipping by our customers, consolidated branding to help build our international image for our distributors, dealers and end user customers, as well as the development of our Corbin International Series of musical instruments and accessories.

The pipeline has changed and will continue to change. We are always looking for your input and suggestions as our business is based simply on one thing. Serving our customers.

We all must look at how we operate in this new world and find the positive changes that we all can build on. Mingde Musik Ltd and Music Dealers Resource Group LLC welcomes your input and suggestions and we stand ready to support your projects over the coming years.