NAMM 2.0 was in general terms a mild success. This was year two for the new Nashville Music Center venue hosting the Summer Namm Show 2014. From an exhibitors standpoint this new venue is well laid out, easy to load in and out and convenient to the core entertainment district of Nashville.

Again this year there were many new vendors. NAMM also worked hard to bring back some of the core vendors to this show with some success.

Improvements… you could read the name badges this time. What a novel idea. There was also a good turnout of new vendors which for us also represents new opportunities and new friends. Nashville was blessed with great weather, much cooler and drier than the usual Nashville heat and humidity and people seemed upbeat and positive.

NAMM 2014namm-2Summer Namm Nashville

The negative: Not enough Blue Badges. Where were you? I am amazed at how many dealers within a 3-5 hour drive of Nashville were not at the show. I do understand the economic times. Spending money on travel, hotels and meals while in the middle of our economic “recovery” is a tall order. What I hear more often is that the show use to be available on Sunday. Dealers could leave Saturday night, drive to Nashville and attend the show on Sunday. That allows them to come without losing a day of weekend business. But that is no longer an option. Perhaps NAMM should reconsider the dates.

Guitar In 5 was our focus and we had a lot of fun with it. Many vendors stopped by to see what we were doing and were very pleasantly surprised to find how beneficial knowing this technique can be for all involved in the industry. It was great to see our old friends and make so many new friends. After all networking is key to being successful and this show did prove to be a very positive Networking event.