OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing)


OEM and Private Label Guitars

MDRG in partnership with Mingde Musik LTD has been assisting musical instrument companies, importers and distributors worldwide with the development and implementation of their proprietary musical products for many years with a high level of trust, respect and confidentially.

Private Label Programs- Affordable & Versatile Inventory Solution

Private Label Branding

Private Label Branding

This option allows for almost any sized importer/distributor to custom brand and package. Using our current products you can fill your needs on a smaller scale for better use of their capital resources. It also provides the importer the ability to mix or consolidate different product categories such as cases, bags, stands and stringed instruments on one shipment for improved inventory control.

Warehousing and Logistics

Warehousing & Distirbution

Warehousing & Distirbution

MDRG USA can provide drop ship, order fulfillment, warehousing and logistic support on a “quote” basis from its Cincinnati, Ohio USA warehouse.

Mingde Musik LTD utilizes two warehouse operations in China that can be used for staging, consolidation, product testing, warehousing and logistical assistance for both Asian domestic and international shipments.

Communication Services


MDRG USA & Mingde Musik LTD

We want to make it easy for you to do business with us. Our experienced team has worked with importers and distributors worldwide including, Germany, USA, Australia, Brazil, UK, Argentina, France, Belarus, Italy and many others. Many of our Mingde Musik Ltd office staff can communicate in German, English, Mandarin and Cantonese and we can assist with providing additional language support to help facilitate technical and sales communications.


USA Wholesale Catalog


MDRG Distribution

MDRG Distribution

Music Dealers Resource Group llc & Mingde Music Ltd distribute proprietary branded goods on a wholesale bases to Musical Instrument Dealers either directly or by appointed distribution networks.